Botanical Garden-SINGAPORE

Singapore surprised me, in a good way. Really! I did not have much to expect from this island nation. Cosmopolitan Singapore is not a backpacker haven like Thailand and Bali with its magnificent beaches ( I have not traveled to the famous beaches of Thailand but know of it from the pictures I have seen). Thailand and Bali has the eastern influenced culture with primary roots in Hindu-Buddhist traditions. Singapore has a strong eastern influence but at the same time it is quite cosmopolitan.

We had taken the ‘hop-on,hop-off’ (HOHO)ticket on the service run by Singapore Airlines and found it to be one of the most convenient and cheaper of the HOHO buses. Details can be found here: SIA Hop On Bus. One of the stops on the SIA HOHO bus is the Botanical gardens.

(If you are flying on Singapore Airlines, I think they give you a discount or it is free. Best to check with SIA).

The Botanical garden is located in Fort Canning Hill area. The area surrounding the garden appears to be an old established part of the town. The garden itself dates its history back to 150 years. You can read the details of the garden here: Singapore Botanical Garden.

If you are in Singapore, I suggest that you visit the gardens. The garden is magnificent with abundant orchids varieties. The garden curators, gardeners are very welcoming and enjoy talking with the visitors. For those interested in taking pictures, there are several ‘photo- opportunity’ locations/sites and they are signed along the path. All the varieties are well labeled (sorry I have not provided the names and genus of the flowers as I was busy enjoying the garden). Most of the pictures here were taken by our daughter who appears in the pictures at places.

Garden Entrance

Allow a reasonable amount of time to enjoy each delicate flower, bushes and other ornamental plants.

Purple Orchids

Orchid Garden Entrance

More Gorgeous flowers

Singapore is located in an enviable environment, surrounded by tropical and equatorial waters. The temperature and climate is well suited for a variety of ferns, tropical foliage and orchids.

Magnificient Colors

A small lake

There is a beautifully landscaped lake area with an amphitheater. The surrounding area is sunny with shades under trees. A great place to bring your picnic.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful flower show!

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