Architecture Singapore

The visit to Singapore was just by chance. We were planning, or rather I was insisting that we travel to Bangkok. I love the Thai heritage and wanted to go there for a while to get a glimpse of the Buddhist heritage and influences.

Changi Airport

When we were planning the trip, we had to juggle between the best airline fares and discounts and also keeping it close to the itinerary that we had in mind. So, JetStar had a cheap ticket to Singapore. Hence the trip to Singapore.

Singapore is probably the last place I wanted to visit. I thought it will be very septic, ultra clean and no culture. Boy was I surprised. Not about cleanliness. It was clean as imagined.

SingTel Shop Parent of Optus Australia

Singapore is a great mixture of new and old. It retains its heritage- a rich Chinese culture and spiced with other influences-Indian other native cultures, Muslim influence and Western influences.

Chinese New Year decorations

We landed in Singapore and it was Chinese New Year. The streets and shops were all dressed in red lanterns and it just felt festive.


It is a very organized city. The cab drivers don’t refuse a ride and charges are what is on the meter-nothing to argue about. People are generously helpful.

The Metro

Old and New- like I stated earlier, Singapore was a welcome surprise. There were old building with Chinese influences, colonial buildings and the modern.

Chinese Influenced Architecture

The architectural design of the buildings appear as if the designs were museum pieces. I will explain the statement- when one goes to a new city, one gets the feeling of the design-scape, is it haphazard or does it have some theme.

Colonial Influence

In Singapore I felt as if there was a regulatory body that approved the design of the buildings. Or it may be just by chance. In any case the buildings were not only modern but also had a theme and a class to them.

A Beautiful Modern Building

Building Styles- I am not an architect or an artist. So my sense of observation is that of a novice, naive and someone who cannot interpret the style professionally. But as they say-beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, here I present some of the buildingscape of Singapore. Enjoy!

A modern building

Simple structure

Vivid Colors



Modern structure

Fountain at night

Shopping Center

Modern across the canal

Parliament Building

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