Kanyakumari-Confluence of three Seas!

I had an opportunity to visit Kanyakumari as a young man in early 80’s. It was a chance meeting an interesting person at a Yoga Retreat in Hyderabad who insisted that I accompany him to Kanyakumari. My memories were of a sleepy small town and a small Vivekanand memorial on the rocks. I sat under the canopy of ‘mother’s temple’ (Parvati) and it was blissful few moments with cool ocean breeze, memories of which are hard to forget.

I promised my family that it was a great place to go. My experience was somewhat of a shock but I think they may visualize it differently. Now things have changed! We met another tourist couple from France/Columbia (Henry and Yolanda) who asked why there was a statue of someone bigger that that of Gandhi. I could not explain it to them to their satisfaction but Henry thought it was a conspiracy. Anyhow, it is a shame what one can do to a beautiful place when mentally bankrupt politicians rule the land.

Kanyakumari is a small town and at the edge where Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean meet, there is a Vivekanand memorial on a big rock in the middle of the ocean. Now next to the memorial, there is a some status several sizes larger than the memorial, obviously to overshadow the memorial. During the season (winter), hordes of local and some foreign tourist visit here. There are lines to get on the state run ferries (reminiscent of some pirate movie ) to visit the rock. Best to very early ( before 9am ) to avoid the crowds. People line up and stand next to you sticking their sweaty bodies to you. Other than that, there is nothing to see in Kanyakumari.

Mother's Temple Kanyakumari

Mother's Temple Kanyakumari

Temple Gate

Temple Gate

Morning View

Morning View

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