Puducherry -or Pondi for short!

This was our fort of first stop in India. Well, technically the second. We wanted to go to Pondicherry but after landing at Chennai airport, we decided to break the journey along the way at Mamalpuram.

Puducherry or Pondicherry is a totally different town. Different from its surrounding area.  It used to be a French Colony at one time. It still has French colonial buildings and French street names. Amongst the European travelers on the street,  I could hear many speaking French. So I guess they must have been attracted by its French history and past.

I will write much more on the Union Territory of Pondicherry later in my blog. But as I am using an internet cafe, I am pressed for time. We were, just by chance, able to find this beautiful accommodation that is run by the Aurobindo Ashram. The ashram allows even ‘non ashram attending’ guests to stay here. Usually the ashram accommodation is primarily for those interested in ashram activities. It is called Seaside Guest House (Sea Side Guest House-14 Goubert Avenue, Pondicherry, 605 001. Phone: 2336494,2221825,2331716. You will have to dial India code:91It is difficult to find ( I mean they do not advertise). If you are able to contact the Ashram, they will provide the contact details. ( For dialling codes, this is a good site DIALING CODE Also for a reasonably good write up on Pondicherry and the Ashram, click the link: ASHRAM

The building belongs to the French Colonial days and has been immaculately maintained. It is extremely clean and meets all the international standards that a tourist/traveler may expect. The staff are very pleasant and the building very clean.

There is a cafeteria on the premises that serves breakfast (included with your room), lunch and dinner for a modest price. It is extremely clean and very well prepared.

Our room was overlooking the Bay of Bengal and you can hear the roar of the waves crashing on the rocks. The breeze is nice and salty. You can see locals and tourist walking and enjoying.

There has been a recent drive by the local government and other social organizations to restore the architecture, culture and buildings of Pondicherry. I will write later on the architecture of Pondicherry and post some more pictures. It is a town that I would like to explore further in the future.

Buildings along the Beach-Pondicherry

Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Stairwell-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Corridors -Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

View fromOur Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Luce at Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

Our Room-Seasside Guest House-Pondicherry

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