Incredible India!

India is truly incredible! After growing up in India, I am still surprised when I visit and by what is in store for me and for any traveler I guess.

We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai on Air Asia. I have to admit that cheap airlines are cheap and unless you are really on a budget, I would not advise using them. The Air Asia flight from KL at 6.15 am serves lunch at 7am in the morning. Traveling at 6.15am, we had to get up at 1am, leave by 2am and reach the airport 3 hours ahead.  Now to get lunch at 7am is freaky. The body is not in tune because of the time and then Mr. Tony Fernandes decides we need chilli biryani at 7am. Please Mr Fernandes (CEO of Air Asia), have mercy, a breakfast will be appreciated. Maybe something simple an an OJ would be ample.

Anyhow, coming back to Incredible India. The flight landed at Chennai Airport (it can pass off as an airport in Afghanistan) that is a very simple airport to say the least. On leaving the airport we got a pre-paid taxi voucher for Mamallapuram. It was pre-paid and before we could get to the cab counter, a dalal (middle-man) got hold of us and dragged us to the taxi of his choice. This was an incredible cab. Our daughter was  showing apprehension and did not want to get into the cab. It was the old relic ‘ambassador’ car (I will post a picture later on for you to get an idea), not air conditioned and really a relic. The seat belts did not exist and Krishna got really disturbed (because we always ask-have you got you seat belts on?) . Anyway, we reached Mamallapuram. It is an sleepy town on the beach. It is quite and not much is happening (that is good). The place we stayed (Mamallapuram Beach Resort) is a beach resort from an India point of view. So don’t have expectations that it is a beach resort. The facility was ok (from 1 to10, I would say 4+). It was clean and the people were very modest and polite. We ate there because you have no where else to go. The prices were reasonable and the food will not make you sick.  We enjoyed the stay as we wanted to just relax.

Pre-Paid Taxi voucher

Mamallapuram Beach

Mamallapuram Beach Resort accommodation

Mamallapuram Beach Resort accommodation

Mamallapuram Beach Resort accommodation

Luce and Krishna at Mamallapuram Beach

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