Hop On Hop Off..well it could mean anything and to different people, something different each time.  However, in the tourist travel industry, this service has become synonymous with big cities and tourism. Even after so much travel planning, we ended up relying on ‘Hop On Hop Off’ tourist travel bus service that is the franchise in many countries. The tourist bus service that is somehow associated with a Double Decker buses, is in many ways a good way to see the city.

The cost is not cheap-in Kuala Lumpur it costs 38 Ringit for an adult.  If you are in a party of say three or more persons, then it may be cheaper and easier just to rent a cab. We had negotiated with a tuk-tuk in Bangkok to take us around and he ended up taking us to commercial establishments along the way.  When we protested, he pleaded that they pay his petrol and to please accommodate him. In the end we were so fatigued that we wanted to go back to the hotel. So from that point of view, the ‘hop on hop off’ sounds much better.

In Singapore, we used the Singapore Airlines ‘hop on hop off’ service. It was an old style bus, the drivers very hospitable and professional and the bus very clean. These are all air-conditioned buses and arrive promptly on time.

Singapore Airlines Hop On Hop Off

Singapore Airlines Hop On Hop Off

In Singapore, there are many outfits that are providing this service. However, we found the Singapore Airlines provided service to be cheaper than others. This service, however, is for travel on the date of ticket issue only and not 24 hours duration. If you travel by Singapore Airlines, I think this service is free.

In KL, Malaysia, the bus service is irregular, poor quality, not that clean and the head phones on the seats do not work.  Minor annoying things on the bus include loud announcements.

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