We landed in Singapore on January 18th 2011, amidst the Chinese new Year celebrations.

Much has been written about Singapore cleanliness and that is true. I was actually amused to see some trash near the Krishna and Chinese temples. Anyway that was the rarity. It is a small city and it is a shoppers paradise. No wonder you can find all the name brands and upscale stores here.

The weather is January is usually humid and tolerable (about 22 to 24 degrees Celsius). It is quite safe to travel within Singapore and you don’t feel threatened. The locals are very helpful as well as polite. Singaporeans have a great, efficient, transport system but strange enough, there are many cars on the road. They also love to walk. So if you ask for directions, they will normally tell you that it is only 15 minutes and quite near.

Singapore is also an eating paradise. There is variety in food and it is cheap, cheap and cheap. The shops open late around 10 and for eating around 11am. Then they stay open late sometime around 12 midnite. This may not be the case everywhere as the shops have their own time. But coming from Sydney, it was a sort of a relief, where the shops close at 5pm most of the days.

Colorful Subway

Bugis area Food Court

Little India Shakuntala Restaurant

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