Siam-Land of the Buddha!

We really wanted to visit Thailand. Actually it was me who was quite keen to visit. But then we could not find good priced tickets and decided to visit Singapore and also Kuala Lumpur. It was a good decision! Relatively speaking, I really liked Singapore compared to both KL and Bangkok. The latter two are not as clean and organized as Singapore. Then always worrying about your luggage, valuables and haggling takes a lot of energy.

Anyway back to Thailand and Bangkok. I am sure people come to Bangkok for many reasons. To us it was a discovery of the land that was important. At the Suvarnabhumi Airport ( which is awesome) the lines at the customs were very long and took almost an hour to clear.

Krishna @Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport Smile Ladies

Before the flight

Eastern Iconic Influence @ the Airport

Shows how many people are arriving into Thailand. The pluses- great airport, very well organized. I suggest that you talk to the official tourism depart stall first. But they are located tediously far in the corner. You will get accosted by commercial agents disguised as official personnel. Also there is a train link from the airport that costs about 40 Bhat. This is an easy way to travel if your accommodation is close to the train line and if you are not traveling with big bags. For some reasons (maybe safety), the authorities decided not to put down escalators at the stations. In many locations the station is several flights of stairs.

I will write in detail about the Bangkok trip either now or a little later because of the time factor. Here is another tip- If you get tired of street food ( it is quite cheap but quite dirty as well), visit UCC coffee in the Siam Centre. they have four locations. The food is very very good, prices are modest and the service is excellent. We ordered Spinach Lasagna, Penne pasta, Lichi drink, Fish and Thai rice and some other drinks. All were really good quality. To top it, they have computers internet ready and you can use it free for 30 minutes.

UCC Coffee

UCC Coffee Bangkok

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