Where the HELL do you want to go!

When we landed in Sydney in 2003, we knew that we would be returning back to Seattle sometime in the future. OK, before I go ahead, let me introduce few persons I will be mentioning quite often.

VIREN ( that is me!)

LUCE ( This is my partner Lucienne. She prefers being called Lucienne)

Rishi ( Our son )

Krishi ( aka Krishna )

As I was saying, we knew of the inevitable departure to Seattle.  We started planning the trip about 6 months prior to departure, so that will be sometime in June 2010. This is no ordinary move- we had to sell the house (and we sold it ourselves- see the blog: http://5cobb.wordpress.com/ ), organize Rishi’s admission to US Universities, decide on what places to visit en-route to Seattle. So this is what I men by ‘Where the hell do you want to go’.

Originally we had planned a visit to SE Asia (Thailand), India, Chile and Argentina (I really want to go to Argentina, maybe another day), Spain, Florida ( Disney World), LA and Seattle. So we started looking for best fares. The first option to explore was ‘Round the World’ fares. There are two group of airlines that offer round the world fares- Star Alliance (led by United) and OneWorld (led by American Airlines. Based on our requirements, the Star Alliance had better options- but the fares were quite expensive. So we had top look at alternatives.

We found cheap fares on Jet Star flying to Singapore. We also found some very reasonable fares flying on Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai, India. I had read somewhere that if you book fares in local currency, then sometimes you get cheaper fares (depending on where you are flying from). We found cheap fares on Swiss Air booked from India to Spain and from Spain to LA, USA). I will tell you other details sometime later in the blog regarding finding cheaper fares or what I did to find these fares.

Within Spain, we had decided to travel via Renfe. The train site has options to book in advance ( to read more in detail regarding train travel, see Seat61. ). I followed the instructions on the Seat 61 site and decided that train travel will be quite adventurous. Later we abandoned that idea for variety of reasons. I will leave that for later. We found some good deals on Cheap Tickets. So we decided to fly within Europe (Spain and Portugal-Madrid, Bilbao, Lisbon, Granada and Barcelona). We also abandoned the idea of Florida and opted instead of LA (DisneyLand).

So, it took almost 6 months of negotiating with everyone, wandering through millions of internet pages and having a vigorous debate within the neurons of my mind.

In the next few weeks, I hope you will come along on the journey with  me, Luce, Rishi and Krishi. Hop on-board!

The itinerary

The itinerary

Bags are Packed

Bags are Packed

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport

Krishi @ Sydney Airport

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