Botanical Garden-SINGAPORE

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Singapore surprised me, in a good way. Really! I did not have much to expect from this island nation. Cosmopolitan Singapore is not a backpacker haven like Thailand and Bali with its magnificent beaches ( I have not traveled to … Continue reading

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Architecture Singapore

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The visit to Singapore was just by chance. We were planning, or rather I was insisting that we travel to Bangkok. I love the Thai heritage and wanted to go there for a while to get a glimpse of the … Continue reading

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We landed in Singapore and there were beautiful bright red and yellow colors everywhere. It was Chinese new year and we did not plan as part of the trip. So it was a welcome surprise. Lucienne and Krishna outside a … Continue reading

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JODHPUR-the blue City!

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The train to Jodhpur arrived on time from Mumbai. We were going to be picked up by the hotel where we were staying. It was raining lightly, early morning and dark outside. This was the first time we had traveled … Continue reading

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Kanyakumari-Confluence of three Seas!

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I had an opportunity to visit Kanyakumari as a young man in early 80’s. It was a chance meeting an interesting person at a Yoga Retreat in Hyderabad who insisted that I accompany him to Kanyakumari. My memories were of … Continue reading

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Garam Chai and Cool Train-Indian Style

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I love to travel by Train! Since I was a child, I enjoyed traveling by Train. The train journey in India had that aura, the smell and growing up in India, I was used to the not so clean toilets … Continue reading

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Plastic Bottles

One of the shocking visual realty in India is the omni-presence of the Plastic bags and plastic bottles. Realize that garbage is a problem in India, but the amount of plastic bottles in the streams, water ways, streets, along the train lines is regretful.

I will not post pictures of the plastic and neither did I take pictures as it is offensive to the senses. There were plastic bottles clogging the backwaters of Kerala, once a pristine scene.

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Panjim-a bit of Portugal!

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Ahoy Goa! I have been to Goa as a young teenager at the height of ‘Hippie Boom’ in the 70’s and when the westerns were discovering Goa searching for ‘Nirvana’. There were shacks on the beach and not much of … Continue reading

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Puducherry -or Pondi for short!

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This was our fort of first stop in India. Well, technically the second. We wanted to go to Pondicherry but after landing at Chennai airport, we decided to break the journey along the way at Mamalpuram. Puducherry or Pondicherry is … Continue reading

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Incredible India!

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India is truly incredible! After growing up in India, I am still surprised when I visit and by what is in store for me and for any traveler I guess. We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Chennai on Air Asia. … Continue reading

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